Sip India Sip, MangoSip

Mangos are one of the most popular fruit in India. This love relation between mangos and Indians is around 5000 years old when the first mango tree was grown nowhere else, but in India.

MangoSip cherishes that love in present time when just one sip of it just feels like eating the favorite fruit over and over again. No wonder MangoSip is quickly becoming the favorite drink since it contains the mangos from all over India.

While regular mango drinks promises the taste of real mangos, the MangoSip provides the feel of eating mangos and the sweet mango juice making everything better in life. Be it a dry, cold or rainy season; getting our hands on one of the mango does not mean waiting till arrival of summer and mango season. MangoSip will never make you miss the fruit so much and wait.

So many ways Mangos are considered a truly Indian fruit, MangoSip is also a truly Indian product made for truly Indian people. At Manpasand Beverages, high speed PET bottle lines and tetra pack lines are installed at multiple locations to ensure that you get great juice round the clock. The fruit juices processing plant are managed by teams of technically qualified professional who are well versed with production management and are capable of delivering quality products meeting the requirements of customers. We have self-sustained R & D department at all plants. Food safety is at top priority at all plants. Very high standards of hygiene and cleanliness are maintained all throughout the plant to meet standards. At Manpasand, the focus has been on delivering nothing but the very best in quality.

Our undeterred thirst for improvement in product means Mango Sip is not only a drink you would enjoy for fun. Rather, it provides the juiciest and most tasteful experience of mango while maintaining the nutrition and health of you too. So grab one today and enjoy MangoSip guilt free as it is rich in Protein, Vitamin C, Vitamin B1 and Vitamin B2. Enjoying the drink guilt free is now not just a dream but a reality.